What is Level Measurement? Its Types and Applications

What is Level Measurement? Its Types and Applications

The process of measuring and keeping track of the fluid level in machinery is known as level measurement (i.e. Vessel, Reactor, and Storage Tanks). A sensing component known as the sensor is used to measure levels, which can be either continuous or at a point.

Objectives of Level Measurement

While the instrumentation industry offers a variety of technologies, level measurement is a crucial task in process engineering. With the possibility of Zero error, the primary goals of level measurement are listed below.

  • Digital output data for alarm, trip, and record data are also displayed when a level measurement is done online.
  • Increases Process Efficiency
  • Handling or preventing safety-related incidents

Types of Level Measurement

Level measurement techniques are mainly classified into two categories which are the following:

Point Level Measurement:

Point level Measurement referred to as the instrument will produce the output or measure value when the level reaches a certain level (up to or greater than the Sensing element of the Level Instruments) within the equipment. Selected media (fluid type) used for level may be liquid, solid, or slurry.

Examples of Point level measurement sensors: Capacitance, Conductivity, Tuning fork

Types of Point level measurement techniques:

  • Working of capacitance type sensor
  • Working of Conductivity type sensor
  • Working of Optical type level sensor
  • Working of Tuning fork type sensor

Continuous Level Measurement:

Continuous Level measurement refers to the measurement in which media is present in the equipment from the ground level to the peak (top) Level. Continuous Level measurement can be used for liquid or solids.

Level Indication basis in Continuous Level monitoring: In this type of level measurement, each output value changes as fluid rises or down. Set Point can be decided from the range measured.

Types of continuous-level measurement techniques:

  • Working of Ultrasonic level sensor
  • Working of Radar type level sensor

What are the applications of level measurements?

  • Food & beverage
  • Marine & irrigation equipment
  • Mining
  • Water & wastewater

The continuous level and point level measurements are used for applications such as gases, liquids, solids, powders, slurries, etc.



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